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RO system helps clean dishware without harsh detergents

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The compact Bluewater Pro reverse-osmosis system feeds contaminant-free water into a dishwasher to prevent the risk of a cloudy haze forming and cut the need for harsh detergents.

The system is suitable also for crystal glassware, and helps ensure glasses do not have any lingering chemical residue or soap smells, manufacturer Bluewater Pro said in a press release.

“Even the best dishwashers can leave a detergent residue on glasses that may affect the smell and taste of wine or water and cause bubbles to flatten more quickly, not good for champagne or sparkly water aficionados,” said Gustaf Hagström, Bluewater Nordic sales manager.

He added: “Bluewater purified water ensures a more thorough, more efficient, and more speedier cleaning of drinking glasses, helping to remove even stubborn lipstick traces. Washing and rinsing with Bluewater SuperiorOsmosis water will assure a clean, attractive-looking wine or other drinking glass ready to be used direct from a commercial dish washer.”


The system has a high clean water delivery rate and substantially reduced water wastage common to other reverse-osmosis water purifiers, the release said.

“For restaurant managers where purified water is a benefit or requirement, Bluewater Pro water purifiers delivers perfect cleaning results, maximum efficiency and hygiene, and easy operation. The Bluewater Pro 400 water purifier is the surefire go-to solution for the hotel and restaurant trade,” Hagström said.

Bluewater Pro is designed to increase filtration efficiency, boost operating capacity and deliver a long service life. Its water purifiers remove contaminants such as toxic metals, chemicals, viruses and micro-organic substances down to 0.0001 microns (a human red blood cell is about 5 microns across, while the eye of a needle is 1,230 microns).

Other features include compact, smart design that can be installed quickly to fit under kitchen sinks; alerts on water quality, pressure leakage, filter capacity and replacement; and easy maintenance with automated valves, pumps and cleaning.

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