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Ecojet introduces DIB to clean equipment

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July 23, 2013, Toronto – Ecojet's new application for dry ice, referred to as "dry ice blasting" (DIB), helps to clean industrial equipment even when there is live electrical components present.

Dry ice (commonly used in
refrigeration, and for stage special effects) is now being used in wide
array of restoration applications, and cleaning. Dry ice is composed strictly of CO2. No water, or
additional abrasives are used in the DIB process. This is designed to make it an effective cleaner for heavy duty, and delicate surfaces. 

The product is environmentally friendly,
sterile, non-waste generating, and non-conductive. EcoJet uses two different
techniques: pellet blasting and snow blasting. Pellet blasting is best used
on tougher contaminates, whereas snow is used when a gentler approach is
necessary to preserve the surfaces of the substrate being cleaned.

Pellets were used for Rising, the esteemed Zhang Huan's art sculpture located at Richmond and University. This process nearly restored the sculpture to its original appearance, says the company press release.



The large-scale exterior sculpture measures about 20m x 20m, weighs
approximately 22 tons and resides just north of Adelaide Street on
University Avenue. Rising was installed about a year ago, and was exposed to 
exhaust soot, acid rain, and sidewalk and brake dust.
“The use
of Pellets for this dry ice blasting worked very well. This DIB process
is still so new and the applications are endless. This sculpture
demonstrated how delicate yet aggressive this process is”. Says Mike
McGraw Proprietor EcoJet.

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