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Pizzaiolos inspire bronze sculpture

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thumnnailNovember 1, 2010, Grass Valley, CA – The pizzaiolo will be the subject of a new bronze sculpture from award winning artist Jeff Tritel.

The sculpture, which will be released as a limited-edition piece, is currently in pre-production. Tritel had the idea of designing a pizzaiolo sculpture years ago, but struggled with how to convey spinning dough in a static sculpture.

“There’s an element of magic in spinning pizza dough and for me, images of joy, wonder, skillful execution and old world charm appear in my mind’s eye,” Tritel says. “To capture the feeling of spinning dough in a sculpture, I’ve given our chef a radical body twist that adds torque to the image.”

This is not the first time pizza has influenced Tritel’s work. Twenty-five years ago, he built a 30-foot sculpture of Chuck E. Cheese for Pizza Time Theatre. The sculpture, constructed out of 5,000 pounds of polyurethane foam and fiberglass, was installed in a giant window overlooking the 101 Freeway in San Jose and has been a local landmark ever since.


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