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OperaPrima automatic pizza stretcher imitates hands

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OperaPrima is an automatic pizza stretcher that creates high-quality Italian pizza simply and quickly by simulating the expert hands of a professional pizza maker.

The product is equipped with a patented cold working system that stretches different types of dough without stressing the dough, said the inventor, Ecor International S.p.A. of Vicenza, Italy. This allows chefs to obtain an artisanal result with uniform cooking and a defined edge. The device does not break the gluten shield and the dough maintains its internal alveolation.

According to Ecor, it is easy to use even for inexperienced employees. The automatic system can replicate the manual operations of the pizza maker and avoids the typical back and arm pain that professionals are subjected to due to wearing physical movements. While the pizza stretcher shapes the dough, the employee in the pizzeria can fill the ready-made pizza bases and bake them, saving time and thus improving the efficiency of the business. Up to 200 pizzas can be stretched in one hour.

The user can customize diameter and thickness of the pizza base by setting the desired parameters on the digital touchscreen display. In this way, the classic, Neapolitan or Roman crust can be obtained in both small and large dimensions.

OperaPrima can process different types of flours and is suitable for both directly and indirectly kneaded doughs.

The pizza stretcher is currently available directly from Ecor. The company intends to enter into commercial relations with Canadian distributors. For more information, email

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