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Delivery bags provide adaptable options

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Vollrath Company has introduced a line of high-quality food delivery and transport bags that extend delivery range and help provide a restaurant-quality experience for customers at home.

“This is an exciting addition to our product offering,” said Paul Egbert, vice-president of smallwares and countertop equipment for Vollrath of Sheboygan, Minn. “Food delivery has never been more in demand and we’re excited to debut these high-quality delivery systems, using the latest technology.”

Operator-friendly with durable, weather-resistant design, the new products provide insulation and warmth at a variety of price points and in different styles, the company said in a news release.

In the 3-Series, hot food generates heat in the bag while the insulation helps retain the heat to keep food warm.


The next level in the heating bag line, the 5-Series with Heat Pad, features a heat pad that pre-heats the bag and is either unplugged for transport or powered by an optional 12-volt in-car power cord.

The company manufactures pizza bags that are designed to hold pizza boxes, but adaptable to transport other menu items. Its catering bags with vinyl liner feature a vinyl waterproof liner that is easy to clean. Catering bags with removable internal lining make it easier to wash the inside of the bag when soiled.

Vollrath’s tower bags are suited for medium to large orders, and its backpack bags feature backpack-style straps to make delivery comfortable and easy.

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