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Conscious food

Laura Aiken   

Features Business and Operations Marketing

August 19, 2011 – A fun afternoon at the
Concious Food Festival last weekend showed me how good this movement is at
telling the story of their food.

Passionate vendors eagerly explained the roots of their
product, and I couldn’t help but eat it up. It’s funny how that story builds
excitement for the food and maybe even makes it taste better.

The market around conscious food – the local, ethical and
sustainable – has been niche for some time. The movement has gone mainstream.
It’s not just foodies or vegans or stereotyped hippies that care about where
the food came from. When you see giants like Loblaw putting pictures of farmers
with a blurb about them on the packaging of their meat in the grocery store you
know you’re looking at mass appeal. Incorporating local and/or ethically
sourced ingredients into your food is something many of your customers have
come to appreciate. It doesn’t require a mass overhaul of your inventory to
bring a little this movement into your operation. If you don’t have a great
story to be telling your customers about your food yet, keep in mind the desire
for the tale is not a passing trend and it’s going to get stronger.


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