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Pizza Fellas hand-kneaded, par-baked pizza crusts made in Italy

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For pizzerias looking for a convenient, cost-effective way to add styles to their menu, Pizza Fellas has a line of artisanal par-baked pizza crusts hand-kneaded in Italy and ready to be topped.

The crusts are made entirely in Italy using Italian ingredients such as GMO-free, stone-ground, non-reconstituted, unbleached, unbromated and whole-wheat flour; type 0 and type 1 flours, and ancient Italian grains.

The company’s own natural liquid yeast (sourdough) is used to make all doughs. This process and long natural leavening times of 24 to 48 hours, ensure the crusts are light and easy to digest.

Three types are available. Gold par-baked crusts are intended for those who want a thin pizza with a well-defined crust. Natural proofing and a mix of types of flour combine to make the pizza fragrant on the outside and soft on the inside. Gold rusts are available in 15-, 13- and 12-inch discs.


Prime par-baked crusts have an extended, 24-hour proofing time with a high percentage of sourdough starter that gives the cooked pizza a well-defined crust and makes it light, crunchy and easy to digest. Prime crusts are available in 13- and 12-inch discs.

Flatbread par-baked crusts are fragrant on the outside and soft on the inside, with a subtle crust and a delicate aroma of flour evocative of homemade bread. They are available in rectangles of 10 by 6 inches.

Pizza Fellas plans to add focaccia and pinsa crusts to its inventory in the coming months.

All products are available frozen to be stored in freezer -0.4 F (-18 C) with a shelf life of 18 months from the production date. They are available to Canadian restaurants and wholesalers through The Imported Gourmet near Boston, Mass.

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