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Fast-food companies target millennials inclined towards social media marketing: GlobalData

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McDonalds’ new scented candle that replicates the smell of its signature Quarter Pounder signals a quirky and growing marketing strategy among fast food companies to focus on health and environment concerns, according to a consumer analyst at GlobalData.

“The launch of the McDonald’s candle ties into a wider strategy that has been adopted by fast-food outlets for some time: the sensational and novel,” Carmen Bryan said. “This will largely appeal to millennials, 65 per cent of which actively buy products that they see are trending on social media.”

Many fast-food chains use quirky positioning or limited-time offers that tap into consumers’ fear of missing out, Bryan said.

“In a twist on the usual formula, Burger King has subverted these typical trends with its polarizing new campaign that shows its Whopper burger decomposing as a way to highlight its lack of preservatives. This is a clever and unique strategy that has certainly gained interest online. Not only does it capitalize on shock factor to create staying power, but its main focus is surprisingly on health and natural tags, making it stand out from its peers.”


Although some who see the advert might be put off slightly at the sight of green and blue on their favourite junk food, the vast majority will be unaffected when in the store purchasing,” Bryan said, concluding that in that respect, the commercial has done its job.

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