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App helps restaurants become work spaces

Toronto – A new app is designed to collaborate with restaurants to give workers an alternative to the traditional office to do some distraction-free thinking.

Toronto company Flexday recently launched an app and services that help restaurants that are only open later in the day for dinner turn their otherwise vacant spaces into appealing daytime work sites.

Flexday is working with Marben on Wellington St. W. and SpiritHouse on Adelaide St. W., and additional sites are set to come on board in the coming weeks, the company said in a news release. Flexday equips the partnering restaurants with fast Wi-Fi, premium coffee and tea, and a charging station at every table.

“We believe that where you work impacts how you work,” said Justin Raymond, founder and chief executive officer of Flexday. “In most offices, it’s really difficult for individuals or teams to solve a complex problem, put together a great presentation, or do anything else that requires focus. Cramped, uninspiring coffee shops with dodgy WiFi and tiny tables aren’t any better. We’re creating spaces for people to escape the distractions and unlock their best work.”


In 2012 Raymond launched Hailo, the global Uber-style taxi hailing app in Canada. “Whenever there’s an opportunity to utilize space, vehicles or homes – anything that is sitting idle – it’s very intriguing to me,” he says. “I think that the real estate industry is a great example of new opportunities that exist from idle space.”

Alongside its planned expansion of Flexday sites, Raymond said that the company is also ramping up its marketing to drive awareness and increase adoption.