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Talia di Napoli frozen pizza crusts straight from Italy

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Faema Canada's chef and instructor Pasquale Ponticello serves up Talia di Napoli pizzas at the Canadian Pizza Summit.

At the recent Canadian Pizza Summit, Talia di Napoli hosted a demonstration of its premium frozen pizza crusts that come straight from Naples fully topped and ready to be baked off in any oven.

From the company: “Each Talia di Napoli pizza is handmade by trained pizzaioli in our pizza production facility in the heart of Naples. The pizzaioli use all natural Italian ingredients and traditional pizza-making techniques to give your taste buds a full Neapolitan experience with every slice!”

Talia di Napoli is a premium frozen pizza product unique to the market, said representative Rick Gazzola, who led the demo. It is 100 per cent fully cooked pizza that is cryogenically frozen and just needs to be heated up in order to serve.



Sustainably shipped to your door, these pizza bases – which Gazzola says are proving especially popular with female customers – can be enhance your pizzeria, restaurant or bakery-cafe menu with this iconic style of pizza.

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