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FlatTech manufactures a range of table base systems designed to avoid that irritating wobble. The feet remain locked until the table is moved or the surface changes when it instantly adjusts the feet.

Styles with varying shapes, finishes, sizes, colours and materials are available.

The PAD and table base are purchased together; the connections located underneath the table base are required to attach the PAD and to ensure functionality.

Each of the table bases has a recommended maximum tabletop size and weight attributed to it to ensure the technology works optimally.


When the feet compress (due to a change in the surface), the fluid is forced through the series of tubes to the remaining feet, causing them to expand and lock into place. This locking mechanism allows users to perfectly align tabletops. Each point of contact with the ground has its own hydraulic cylinder fitted within the leg; all the cylinders are interconnected via fluid hoses. When the first leg makes contact with the ground, the fluid in that cylinder is forced out through the hoses and into the other legs. This causes the other legs to extend outwards. Once the final leg makes contact, the weight of the application is transferred through the fluid, and this triggers the locking mechanisms in the cylinders/feet.

The PAD systems are available through Canadian sales director Peter Tichband, based in St. Catharines, Ont., and foodservice and hospitality distributors across Canada.

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