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New campaign to fight sugar industry attack on corn syrup

By Canadian Pizza   


October 1, 2009, Washington, DC -The non-profit
Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) has launched a new million-dollar ad campaign
designed to put an end to inaccuracies being propagated by the sugar industry
about high fructose corn syrup.

The American Medical Association said this
in a report in June 2008: "Because the composition of HFCS [high fructose
corn syrup] and sucrose are so similar, particularly on absorption by the body,
it appears unlikely that HFCS [high fructose corn syrup] contributes more to
obesity or other conditions than sucrose [sugar]." And the American
Dietetic Association stated in December 2008 that "high fructose corn
syrup…is nutritionally equivalent to sucrose. Once absorbed into the blood
stream, the two sweeteners are indistinguishable."

"People have been spoon-fed
misinformation by Big Sugar about high fructose corn syrup," said Center
for Consumer Freedom executive director Rick Berman. "I've worked in the
food industry for over 30 years, and while I understand that competitive
pressures lead to occasional infighting, I have never witnessed such a
disingenuous and baseless attack within the food industry. The sugar industry
is relying on urban myths and marketing gimmicks to perpetuate this
misinformation about high fructose corn syrup."


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