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Metsä Board creates ‘world’s lightest pizza box’

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Metsä Board has collaborated with industry professionals to create a food-safe pizza box that aims to reduce both material and printing ink usage, benefiting the environment without compromising performance, function or print quality.

Compared to traditional solutions, the weight and material consumption of the box has been reduced by approximately 30 per cent, the producer of fresh fibre paperboards said in a press release. The fresh fibre MetsäBoard Natural WKL Bright used for the box weighs 80 g/m² (16 lbs/1,000 ft²). Despite the reduced weight, the E-flute corrugated board box’s structure provides the necessary rigidity while the fresh fibre material the necessary purity to hold a freshly baked pizza.

The pizza box was designed by Futupack and the packaging was manufactured by Adara Pakkaus, while the lightweight paperboard substrate was provided by Metsä Board to provide a better, safer, and more sustainable solution for food-grade applications. It is a fully bleached, uncoated white kraftliner suitable for flexo, offset, and digital inkjet printing and is available in a basis weight range of 70-160 g/m².

Researcher and expert on ECG Expanded Gamut printing, Kai Lankinen, consulted on the graphic design, prepress, and flexographic printing requirements. “Working with Metsä Board and their team has been inspiring. What sets this project apart is the focus on the entire cycle of the product, beyond just the liner board material, with a special emphasis on printing quality, efficiency, and sustainability.”


To showcase the excellent printing properties of the material, Finnish packaging manufacturer Adara Pakkaus produced the corrugated material and printing of the box.

Metsä Board’s Sustainability Service compared the packaging to existing solutions and made a detailed analysis of its environmental impact by looking at both the material and the production. Compared to traditional boxes made of recycled fibre, the weight of this pizza box made of MetsäBoard Natural WKL Bright was up to 38 per cent lighter and its carbon footprint up to 50 per cent lower.

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