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Certification of origin for Russian Standard Vodka

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November 16, 2010, New York, NY – Russian vodka now has a special designation signifying its authenticity.

The Russian Federation has ruled that to be labeled a Russian vodka, all ingredients must be grown, distilled, and bottled in Russia.

Russian Standard Vodka, one of the country’s top premium vodkas, is one of the first to be awarded this distinction. Beginning in November, all Russian Standard Vodka bottles sold in the U.S. will display a special label declaring its 100 per cent Russian heritage.

“We are proud to display our Certificate of Origin as a guarantee of Russian Standard Vodka’s quality and provenance,” said Roustam Tariko, founder and president of Russian Standard Vodka. “In today’s world, consumers value authenticity and production origin highly in their choice of brands.”


Tariko added, “Our Certification of Origin will help vodka lovers distinguish Russian Standard from the many vodka brands that pretend to be Russian, but are not.”

The Russian Standard vodka portfolio dominates the premium segment in Russia. It has a 60 per cent market share, with sales of over 2.2 million cases domestically in 2009. It also caters to more than 70 export markets across Europe, the U.S. and Asia.

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