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By Colleen Cross, Editor, Canadian Pizza Magazine   

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Special Edition of Canadian Pizza Magazine

This special edition is all about the pizza! It’s less about the business of running a pizzeria and more about the process of creating menu magic in the kitchen. And it’s for you, Canadian operators and your teams.

Come along on a virtual tour of pizza kitchens across this vast country to see what’s cooking, what’s in demand and what innovations in crust, sauce, cheese and toppings are going on.

In this country, there is room for every kind of pizza. Pineapple belongs on pizza or it doesn’t belong. Same with brussels sprouts. To each his own is the Canadian way!

From lobster pizza to crispy cheese crusts to pizza in a cone, we offer a snapshot of the Canadian pizza scene – a scene like no other that’s hard to sum up and, oh, so easy to enjoy!


You’ll see two special profiles of top chefs Dean Litster and Giuseppe Cortinovis, crowned last year at our Canadian Pizza Summit and Chef of the Year Competitions. Dean and Giuseppe are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of pizza. These chefs help ensure pizza innovation is alive and well in Canada!

If you want to pick up even more ideas, join us at this year’s Summit in Toronto on Oct. 21 (see pages 8-9 for details). It’s the very best place to watch some of the country’s top pizza makers at work – all in one place and on the same day!

On that note, we announce an exciting event for 2020: We are thrilled to take our show on the road with Chef of the Year Competition West! It’s in the early planning stages, but be sure to stay tuned to for details.

Meanwhile, enjoy this special edition, be inspired and continue to create great pizza!


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