Canadian Pizza Magazine

Topper’s launches first Pizza Tracer

June 30, 2009, Collingwood, Ont. – Topper’s Pizza has launched its
new Pizza Tracer service in all 35 stores across Ontario, which enables customers to monitor the status of their online order.



After customers
place an order, they can go to the Topper’s website and click on the Pizza Tracer
icon. From there, after indicating which store the order was placed with and
entering an identifying phone number (the number provided by the customer when
the order was placed either over the phone or online) the Pizza Tracer will
automatically update them on the status of their order. The Pizza Tracer
graphic is divided into four slices that depict the four steps that need to be
completed before the customer receives their order – Step 1 – order received;
Step 2 – order is being prepared; Step 3 – order has finished baking; Step 4 –
order is on delivery. The slices light up as the individual steps are

“We are excited about being able to serve our
customers better by providing them with this fun and informative service,”
observes Topper’s president Keith Toppazzini. “We are in essence providing them
with a virtual server who keeps them informed about the status of their order.
The customer benefits by knowing exactly when pick-up orders are ready so they
can get it fresh out of the oven. If the order is being delivered, they have a
more accurate idea of when it will arrive. And if you are picking the order up
at the store, it can help you to better time when to better time when to leave
for the store.”