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Technomic shares 3 menu pricing trends

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Technomic shared three pricing trends that stood out in its first-quarter Ignite Menu data.

Overall prices are on the rise: Every mealpart saw price increases over the past year, with overall prices rising 5.8 per cent.

Extras can boost checks: Desserts (+10.7 per cent) and non-alcohol
beverages (+10.0 per cent) saw the greatest year-over-year price increases — two mealparts that can be added to a meal to boost overall checks.

Desserts and non-alcohol beverages saw the greatest year-over-year price increases

Proteins hit by increasing prices: Inflation is especially impacting meat-centric entrees. In addition to burgers, beef dishes (+9.8 per cent year-over-year average price) and chicken dishes (+8.2 per cent) have raised average prices.

Chart: Technomic Ignite Menu Data

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