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Sunnyside up

Laura Aiken   

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The recent burst of sunshine seems to have
put consumers in a better mood, specifically a more-inclined-to-spend-money

A recent survey says the public’s feeling
more confident and one pizzeria owner told me it seems like things are picking
up, getting back to normal. Probably nothing has changed, in actual effect in
the economy, but the tone of news being reported has. We’ve seen the word
surplus in a headline. We’ve got a swine flu to deal with. We’re sick of
hearing about the global collapse. These are just guesses, but the bad news was
poured on so thick for so many months that I know more than a few people who
were beginning to avoid reading or watching the news altogether.

In some cases the media can serve as a
distraction from real problems, for example, celebrity melodrama in lieu of war
criticism, but sometimes the media can perpetuate a problem or have difficulty
contextualizing an issue as complicated as the economy. Dwelling on the
downturn is pointless now; dwelling on it all may have done more damage to
consumer confidence than was necessary to keep them abreast of the situation.
Life moves on, intrinsically forward, and it’s nice to get the feeling that the
light at the end of tunnel’s finally shining.     


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