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Pizza Pizza moves to greener headquarters

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October 27, 2009, Toronto – Pizza Pizza moved its corporate office to a new, specially designed, environmentally sound office in Etobicoke, Ont.

The 500 Kipling Avenue location is an example of Pizza Pizza’s commitment to environmentally sustainable practices.  
“It’s always a pleasure to welcome a company that not only brings jobs to our community, but that also runs its business in a well thought-out and sustainable fashion,” says councillor Mark Grimes of ward six. “Pizza Pizza is the type of business that we want to have locally, one that gives back and is ready to work with local groups to better the neighbourhood.”
The new facility covers seven acres with an enclosed building space of 138,000 square feet that includes 15,000 square feet of cooler and freezer space, and features three wind turbines and rooftop panels that will help power the company’s call centre. Combined with passive solar heating and storage cell batteries, these environmental technologies will provide 24 kilowatts of generating power and store up to 100 kilowatts for when wind and solar generation is not available, reducing the overall electrical load for the building by 10 to 15 per cent.  
“Pizza Pizza’s employees, and organizational culture, avidly support environmental initiatives,” says Pat Finelli Pizza Pizza’s chief marketing officer. “We hope that our new head office will provide sustainable and efficient use of resources. The community and councillor Grimes have been very gracious and supportive of our efforts and in welcoming us to Etobicoke.”

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