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Panagao Pizza offers ‘frugalicious’ surf n’ turf for tough times

Laura Aiken   


Feb. 3, 2009, Vancouver – Panago
will offer
customers a couple of pizzas this season inspired by the popularity of the Surf
N’ Turf menu concept. 

“Our approach has always been about creating a unique dining
experience for our customers,”
explains Alex Green, vice-president of marketing for Panago Pizza. “Instead
of discounting our products like many of our competitors, we build customer
loyalty by providing a unique pizza eating experience that brings together
high-quality ingredients and chef-inspired flavours to offer great value for
our customers.” Putting health first,
Panago has eliminated all added trans-fat, MSG and artificial flavours and
colours from their ingredients.


In spite
of the economic climate, Panago experienced a sales increase of eight
per cent in 2008.

or not, it is coming up with innovative approaches to your menu, providing
customers value and quality for their money, and focusing on well thought out
promotions; that is what will bring customers through your door,” supports
editor of Business Confidential in Foodservice and Hospitality, Rosanna Caira.  

Panago’s new affordable indulgences’ this spring include two
features, the Surf
N’ Turfand Turf N’ Turf” pizzas.

“Surf N’ Turf was first
offered in high-end restaurants,” explains Jason
Symington, executive chef for Panago Pizza. “Diners were
able to have extravagant meals by pairing two popular luxuries, steak and
seafood.” The new Surf
Turf pizza includes Panago’s signature
jalapeno white sauce, sirloin steak, wild pink shrimp, caramelized
onions, tomatoes, mozzarella and cheddar. “Pizza has always been a popular
choice, especially for family occasions. In a time where people are eating out
less due to tightening budgets and the economy, we aimed at introducing more
indulgences that are gourmet yet affordable, while still offering our simple
favourites at a great price for the children,” says Symington. According to a
CBC online article from December 2008, a recent report on eating patterns suggests most Canadian
households are planning to cut down on dining out or opt for more
family-oriented experiences. 

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