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Midea FlashGriller combines 3 technologies

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Midea’s new FlashGriller combines three cooking technologies and an intuitive programmable control centre.

The company debuted the new grill at the recent 2018 National Restaurant Association Showcase in Chicago.

Using a combination of press grilling, infrared heating and magnetron cooking, the Midea FlashGriller is able to take a standard café sandwich from 38 to 140 F in just 40 seconds. The systems are optimized to heat food evenly throughout, and create the perfect toasted finish on the surface, Midea said in a press release.

In addition to optimizing heating efficiency, the grill is equipped with data collection capabilities to help businesses optimize for menu and service processes.


The programmable control center is accessible via PC and USB port so cooking processes can be standardized effortlessly, even across multiple machines. It is capable of storing large quantities of recipe settings, which helps ensure consistency when grilling sandwiches, paninis, bagels or burritos. The control center also records machine usage data to accurately advise when core components need to be serviced before they are depleted, avoiding costly disruptions to restaurant operations.

Other  features include a self-adjusting upper plate that molds to contents, an auto-opening lid that acts as an additional safeguard for product consistency, clear progress display so servers can advise customers of accurate order wait times, and automatic power-save mode.

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