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Menu labelling legislation gaining support in U.S.

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June 12, 2009, Washington, DC – Legislation
that would require calories on chain restaurant menus and menu boards now has
the support of the restaurant industry as well as health groups thanks to an
agreement struck among senators who were previously supporting separate labelling

requiring calories on menus, menu boards and drive-through displays, the new
legislation would require chains with 20 or more outlets to provide additional
nutrition information upon request.

“Calories on menus will allow Americans to exercise responsibility for what
they eat and what they order for their children,” said Center for Science in
the Public Interest nutrition policy director Margo G. Wootan. “Whether you’re
concerned about managing your weight or about getting your money’s worth at
chain restaurants, calorie counts are critical pieces of information. We’re
delighted to be working with the restaurant industry on legislation that will
ensure that calories be listed on their menus and menu boards.”

If enacted, the compromise bill would cover all chains of 20 or more
restaurants; small businesses would be exempt. Custom orders and temporary
specials would be exempt from the calorie labelling requirement, as would items
not listed on menus or menu boards, such as condiments. Like the Nutrition Labelling
and Education Act that requires Nutrition Facts labelling on packaged foods,
the legislation would require national uniformity.


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