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Labour-saving Cheese Hog grates large blocks of cheese

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The Palazzolo Cheese Hog has been engineered to absolutely devour cheese, we learned at Vegas Expo from owners Scott and Dana Palazzolo who are carrying on the business founded by Scott’s father, Pete Palazzolo.

The machines, available in both automatic and manual models, allow pizza teams to grated a large block of cheese without having to break it down into smaller chunks first.

The machines weigh around 200 pounds (depending on the motor selected) and are completely wrapped in stainless steel for easy cleaning and sanitation. The Cheese Hog can quickly be disassembled, and its removable parts are dishwasher safe.

Cheese Hog Commerical Grade Cheese Grater / Cheese Shredder equipment can easily shred whole blocks of mozzarella, provolone, pecorino romano, cheddar and many other types of cheese.


All machines are certified to UL and NSF Standards.

The operator provides the air compressor while the Palazzolos provide the air drive head unit.

A 60-minute continuous run time would yield at least 3,000-plus pounds of grated cheese.

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