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Laura Aiken   

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November 8, 2010 – Domino’s
is one brand that’s been an example of reputation damage control since their
YouTube fiasco. The company appears to have recovered fine and is steadily
continuing global expansion with recent moves into Berlin and new stores in
India. Since being thrust into the limelight, they’ve opted to stay there with
a number of buzz generating initiatives.

They changed their pizza and embarked on a
highly effective marketing campaign with domestic same store sales up 11.7 per
cent in the third quarter versus a year ago, according to Bloomberg news. It’s
not entirely surprising that they’re marking their 25th anniversary in
Japan with a controversial promotion.

Domino's Pizza Japan plans to hire one lucky person at the
rate of 2,500,000 yen ($31,030) for an hour's worth of work in December.
According to a Reuters article, details are sparse until November 10 but
candidates just need to be over 18, no experience required. The negative
commentary in Japan has centred on whether the money should have been used to
invest in raising wages overall for staff and that the salary is actually cheap
when you factor in the probable impact of the advertising, notes the Reuters
story. In any case, they’ve got the community talking. Domino’s is a juggernaut
and they create press, good and bad. However, independents should be asking
themselves what they can to be extraordinary in their community. As a brand
today, it’s always good to ask yourself if you’re joining the conversation or
starting it. Perhaps there is something more you can be doing to keep the karma
flowing in your neighbourhood; paying it forward if you will. If you haven’t
made news in a while, perhaps it’s time to get people talking.      


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