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Four ways to increase sales by improving your pizzeria displays: Making Dough with Diane

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Make sure your display and presentation reflect your creativity and passion.

It is important to maintain a steady stream of customers. Customers will find what they want elsewhere if your pizzeria is unappealing.

Product presentation and appearance are the most critical factors for customers when purchasing products from a restaurant or a retail operation: impulse buying. The wonderful aromas from freshly baked products came in second, followed by price and customer service.

Are you looking for ways to increase sales at your pizzeria? Consider these questions: How will you stand out from the other competitive operations in your area? Do you know what makes your shop unique? What is your specialty? Do you have the best pizzas in town or make unique paninis?

How you display and merchandise your products, your store’s cleanliness and your staff’s friendliness will enhance every item you prepare. Everything your customers  see creates an impression and inevitably this impression will affect your sales.

Here are four ways to increase sales by improving your displays.

1. Show off your pizza
Many of today’s customers eat with their eyes – so showcasing your baked pizzas artfully will increase your sales. You first need to grab the attention of potential buyers, and you can do this by showing off your pizzas. Use your window to show quality pictures of your food. Mouthwatering photos of pizza with gooey, melted cheese and the perfect baked crust will surely arouse the appetite of potential customers. Don’t forget to use your windows to take advantage of foot traffic and draw in potential customers. Invite your customers to enter your store with a funny message written on a blackboard at the entrance of your store.

How your pizzeria products look when customers walk into your store is a huge factor in keeping your pizzeria business growing. It’s crucial for greater sales to use well-lit merchandising display cases to showcase your pizzas and other menu items. A professionally built display case will provide an immediate statement about the quality of the products you serve. Nothing turns a customer away faster than a cheap-looking, poorly made pizza display case.

Choose merchandising display cases that will fit your décor, design and budget but also focus on how they can best offer a closer look at your outstanding mouthwatering creations. Make sure you have numerous well-lit huge display cases at the front of your store filled with your most tempting pizzas, paninis and calzones, and consider a separate display case for other savoury or sweet products you offer. That way, customers have several options to choose from.

2. Refresh displays, front window, merchandising
Every time you have a new menu or transition from one season to another, consider refreshing your store’s displays, merchandising, layout and signage.

Always use displays that are attractive, informative and easy to shop. Use updated and branded signs, banners and labels to highlight the benefits, features, ingredients, the name of the item and the prices. You may also provide some ideas for dips or reheating tips to your customers. Use your front counter, wall displays, wood boards, carts, stands, racks, or shelves to show off your products – the options are endless. Pay attention to the details of your presentation by making sure your display cases are fully stocked and similar items grouped together.

3. Present your products in the best light possible
The right lighting is critical to increasing pizza display appeal. Did you know the lighting you use in your store will significantly impact your sales? According to some design experts, proper lighting can improve sales by 15 per cent. Lighting is not one size fits all. First, check on how much daylight your customer areas have. If you have large windows that let in a lot of natural light, you should choose a matching indoor lighting system. Try to maintain colour consistency throughout the entire store. Comfortable lighting will draw customers in and increase their attention to the displayed products.

Finally, to prevent eye strain and vision problems in your employees due to poor lighting, it’s important to find the right lighting applications.

4. Choose the right attractive packaging
Use attractive packaging that can also provide safety for your products. Aside from your excellent menu, your customers will remember your packaging. Always use attractive, eye-catching and safe packaging. Consider offering eco-friendly packaging, which is an excellent way to show you care about the environment. Don’t forget that your packaging will reinforce your pizzeria’s image. For brand consistency, feature the colour scheme that is central to your image, and customize your packaging boxes to match the colours of your other products. | CP

Diane Chiasson, FCSI, president of Chiasson Consultants Inc., has been helping foodservice, hospitality and retail operators increase sales for over 35 years by providing innovative and revenue-increasing food service and retail merchandising programs, interior design, branding, menu engineering, marketing and promotional campaigns. Contact her at 416-926-1338, send her an email at, or visit

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