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Food and Beverage Canada makes recommendations to federal government on TFW program

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Ottawa – The Food and Beverage Canada submitted 10 recommendations to the federal government for the Pre-Budget Consultations in Advance of the 2023 Federal Budget, several of them focused on improving the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

The recommendations were submitted by Kathleen Sullivan, CEO, on behalf of FBC-ABC. The Baking Association of Canada is working in collaboration with FBA and other organizations on several legislative issues of importance.  Here is a link to the document as submitted.

Recommendation 1: The federal government allocated $10 million in multi-year funding to support development and implementation of a National Workforce Strategic Plan for Agriculture and Food & Beverage Manufacturing.

Recommendation 2: The federal government closely monitor development of the Workforce Strategic Plan for Agriculture and Food & Beverage Manufacturing and, in Budget 2023, allocate funding to support implementation of key measures.


Recommendation 3: The federal government improve access to foreign workers for food manufacturing by making permanent the 30 per cent Temporary Foreign Worker Program CAP increase announced in 2022.

Recommendation 4: The federal government build on announcements made earlier this year to improve the Temporary Foreign Worker Program by simplifying the application process, increasing transparency for applicants, and identifying measures to address processing delays particularly for applications originating in Quebec.

Recommendation 5: The federal government speed up efforts to introduce a Trusted Employer Model within the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, as announced in Budget 2022.

Recommendation 6: The federal government establish programs to secure foreign workers for permanent and year-round jobs, including establishing pathways to permanent residency for Temporary Foreign Workers and by ensuring immigration pathways for workers in critical sectors such as food and beverage manufacturing.

Recommendation 7: The federal government ensure a consistent and coordinated approach to support supply chain resilience for Canada’s food system (see official document for details).

Recommendation 8: The federal government closely monitor work to build a Grocery Industry Code of Conduct, ensuring transparency and inclusion in its development and ensuring the Code of Conduct adequately protect Canada’s food and beverage manufacturers. The Federal Government intervene if needed to ensure participation in the Code of Conduct is mandatory for retailers and is effective in protecting the interests of Canada’s food and beverage manufacturing sector.

Recommendation 9: The federal government adopt the recommendations of the National Supply Chain Task Force.

Recommendation 10: The federal government work with provinces, territories and municipalities to ensure a coordinated approach to affordable housing, public transportation and other infrastructure needed to support a local workforce.

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