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Everpure launches SMARTWORKSSM water program

Laura Aiken   


March 24, 2009, Chicago, IL – Everpure, a foodservice
industry supplier of commercial water treatment products, has introduced SMARTWORKSSM, a
turnkey water analysis program that provides a completely customized water
filtration solution. 

The SMARTWORKS program provides step-by-step assistance on
everything from end-user water testing to providing a user-friendly water
analyzing and product sizing program, offering targeted solutions to best fit
individual operation’s unique water needs.


“If a program can easily and inexpensively show operators
how their water compares to recommended foodservice specifications, they
will be inclined to consider water treatment solutions and appreciate the
wide-ranging benefits quality water provides,” explains Roy Parker, senior
marketing manager for Everpure.  “Plus, most importantly, the program is
free and supports operators every step of the way, ensuring customized, premium
grade water filtration solutions for every foodservice operation.”

To leverage the benefits of the SMARTWORKS program,
operators only have to engage in a quick, simple process, which consists of registering
at the Everpure website (
for a free water test kit. This kit includes a unique disposable electronic
meter for testing the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in the operations water, dip
strips for testing for total hardness, ph, total alkalinity, free chlorine,
total chlorine and chlorides and special powder and vial for testing iron. Next,
operators should complete water test and enter the data into the Everpure
website for a report.

Through its online program, restaurant
operators who are interested in water treatment solutions can be put in touch
with dealers who can offer the Everpure product that suit their needs.


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