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Delivery robots: Foodora teams up with Tiny Mile on AI delivery

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Toronto – Today, Foodora is partnering with Toronto-based Tiny Mile, the creators of “Geoffrey,” the safe, small and friendly delivery robot.

Weighing 10 lb., Geoffrey plays a big role in the future of no-contact, sustainable, artificially intelligent (AI), on-demand delivery in Canada, Foodora said in a news release.

Named after Geoffrey Hinton, an acclaimed computer scientist and “godfather of machine learning,” Geoffrey can carry up to six pounds in its “trunk” – the approximate equivalent of an $80 take-out order. The robot travels at a maximum speed of six kilometres per hour, delivering to a one-mile radius from a downtown Toronto restaurant within 15 minutes.

“I thought we’d be relying on autonomous cars by now, but since this isn’t yet a reality, we adapted the same methods to create a functional product in the short term,” said Ignacio Tartavull, chief executive officer of Tiny Mile. “Our exclusive partnership with Foodora allows us to be at the forefront of eco-friendly AI delivery. We hope to have 50 robots delivering with Foodora by July 2020 – the possibilities are endless.”


Geoffrey is equipped with five cameras that provide the “driver” behind the remote control with a wide-angle view (220 degrees), zooming capabilities to see building addresses and the ability to see well at night. The robot is electric with a 12-hour battery life, making it one of the most ecological ways to move goods in a dense, urban environment.

“To better serve our Canadian customers, we’re always seeking out fresh ways to reduce our carbon footprint, while making strides in the on-demand delivery space,” said David Albert, managing director, Foodora Canada. “For now, we’re piloting three delivery robots with Tiny Mile in Toronto with plans to add more. We look forward to growing together – with the environment and innovation in mind.”

Tartavull and his team will walk with the robots to educate restaurants and customers on how to interact with Geoffrey. While out on delivery, Geoffrey’s trunk is locked so no one can tamper with its contents.

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