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A&W plans to open over 200 franchises by 2020

Toronto – A&W Food Services of Canada has announced plans to grow by more than 200 new franchises by the end of 2020.

A&W has more than 860 restaurants across the country and is Canada’s second-largest quick-service burger chain. With a larger restaurant footprint in Western Canada, the expansion strategy will focus predominantly on Ontario, Atlantic Canada and Quebec, while still exploring new opportunities in western provinces, A&W said in a news release.

In addition to the expansion, in early 2017, A&W will award its first-ever Urban Franchise Associate Restaurant. The Urban Franchise Associate program was introduced in 2016. A&W will also launch a brand new franchise model created specifically for people seeking business opportunities in smaller communities that cater to family life.

“Our franchisees are smart, they’re committed, they’re the heart and soul of A&W,” said Susan Senecal, president and chief operating officer, A&W. “A&W franchisees pioneered many of our various restaurant models, menu innovations and operating procedures, and have helped us grow to more than 860 restaurants across the country. It is their passion and dedication that is driving our strategy to expand as well as launch new opportunities that appeal to a new segment of potential franchisees.”


A&W opened its first Urban Franchise Associate restaurant under the management of Barmil Mallhi, an entrepreneur who moved to Toronto from Winnipeg to open her own restaurant.