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What’s good for one can be good for all

Laura Aiken   

Features Business and Operations Finance

took its teeth to Subway recently by burning a cease-and-desist letter over
their new sandwiches in a recent commercial that aired during American Idol.

The letter Subway sent wanted Domino’s to drop its claim
that their oven baked sandwiches beat Subway’s in a taste test and Domino’s is
standing by their research.

This attention grabbing ploy by Domino’s could be just the
ticket for the pizza industry in 2009. Any buzz resulting from it will help keep
pizza in the public eye. This is not to say that consumers forget about pizza,
one of the most entrenched staples of the North American diet, but it’s going
to be a competitive year for quick and casual food. Small independents will
benefit from the marketing budgets of the big companies who will work to keep
pizza at the top of the public craving.

Competitor companies can duke it out for market share, but in
this cut throat economy it will be the cooperative efforts that determine
long-term gains for any industry. Like a region branding themselves under one
umbrella to attract more tourists, pizza would benefit from pooled marketing
dollars that promoted pizza as the best choice for consumers. This is unlikely
to happen as competitors seldom like to feel as though they are helping take
business away from themselves, but in principle it
is still a solid marketing strategy that many other industries employ. In tough
times, sometimes it’s good to stick together.  


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