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What’s a big portion?

Laura Aiken   

Features Business and Operations Finance

The California Pizza Kitchen chain recently
introduced a “small cravings” menu with the goal of providing small,
inexpensive, yet healthy, portions of food. This is a neat way to address trends
towards a variety of flavours and portions that reflect healthier eating.

It’s important to look at different ways to
offer a healthier pizza, as the demand is there, but the popularity of meat
toppings and cheese remains. Taste is still a major influencer, which is why
ribs and wings remain perennial menu favourites. When you make the portions of
unhealthier items smaller and package the meals with salads or other healthier sides
it become a more varied and all around better-for-you meal.

It’s a fine line between defining, too big,
too small and just right when it comes to portions. I ate in a restaurant once
without being aware that is was a tapas menu and was quite taken aback by the
mini-meal that arrived. Educating your customers is always the ticket. In the
case of portions, it can’t hurt to ask your customers what they think of your
sizes too.


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