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It really is all about you, the Canadian pizza industry. And that’s what makes it fun for us.

Last year's Chef of the Year, Carlo Raillo, presents his winning pie to the judges. In 2014, the chef competition joined the Canadian Pizza Show for the first time. Photo by Malcolm Brown

When the team starts planning the Canadian Pizza Show, we try to think big – bigger than the year before. We love getting feedback from you. It drives us to improve and to offer better and more targeted content relevant to you, the passionate movers and shakers who bring the pizza business to life every day.

What can we do to make the show better for you? This is a question we ask ourselves at every stage of planning and execution.

We hope to have hit on a combination as winning as your favourite pie and vino, and one that covers all the bases.

Does your pizzeria suffer from costing, portioning, labour, scheduling or marketing problems? We aim to cure whatever may ail your business with a visit from
Pizza Doctor Dave Ostrander. We are
excited to give you access to “Big Dave,” a larger than life, accomplished speaker who regularly fills rooms for his sessions at Pizza Expo.


Wondering how social media can help grow your customer list? Giorgio Taverniti will show you what going social has done for his Toronto pizzeria. Jeff Dover is here to help everyone from manager to line staff to delivery person polish their customer service skills.

In the afternoon, join us for what’s sure to be a fun panel as Dave, Giorgio, and one of Canada’s stars, chef and consultant Marina Rondinelli, recount what marketing strategies have worked – and not worked – for them, in the hopes of smoothing the way for other operators.

Everyone seemed to agree that the marriage of the Chef of the Year competition with the show in 2014 was a match made in Canadian pizza heaven. This year, we bring you more great competitive
moments by expanding our open category to 25 competitors and looking both back and forward with three very special new contests.

First, a look back. We’ve had some illustrious Chefs of the Year grace our contest and our pages with their creative and determined presence (turn to page 32 to find out what they’ve been up to since winning). The Champion of Champions Challenge will see past Chefs of the Year alumni compete for pizza glory and show the rest of us how it’s done.

Then, a look to the future. The next generation is critical to the pizza industry, and to highlight the up-and-comers, we present a Junior Chef of the Year competition for young chefs aged 16 to 20. It’s our hope the contest will give juniors a taste of what competition is like and spur them on to compete for Chef of the Year in years to come.

Just for fun we are pulling out all the stops – and stopwatches – to determine who is the fastest pizza box folder on the floor. From 9 to 2 at the Canadian Pizza/Annex Bookstore booth, folders will be timed to see who has the winning technique. Swing by the booth to see what’s unfolding and bring your healthy pizza related questions to registered dietician Jane Dummer, who is always brimming with ideas to enhance the product we all love.

We’d like to thank our wonderful sponsors, exhibitors and speakers – who make this show the relevant and energized show it is.

We want to extend a very special thank-you to our great sponsors, exhibitors and speakers for their participation. It is their enthusiasm and support that make this an event of which our entire industry can be proud.

And we thank you for giving us a day during one of your busiest months. May you discover at least one product that will save you time, encounter one idea that will grow your bottom line or meet one person whose attitude inspires you to take your pizzeria to the next level.Enjoy your show!

– Canadian Pizza magazine

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