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Value and convenience still deciding factors for pizza, but under-35 customers expect more: Technomic

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Pizza consumers in Canada over 35 prioritize value, convenience and consistency, while those under 35 expect more from delivery, ordering options, coupons and high-quality packaging, according to a report by Technomic.

However, the importance of these factors has waned slightly since 2020, according to Technomic’s latest Industry Insights report.

Value and convenience are important to younger consumers as well, but this group expects more from operators. Relative to consumers aged 35 and older, those under 35 place greater importance on elements such as delivery, ordering options, coupons and high-quality packaging.

When it comes to convenient ordering options, younger consumers prioritize mobile ordering capabilities such as smartphone-optimized websites and apps. While phone (“voice call”) orders still enjoy broad levels of usage, restaurant operators should invest in technology that helps younger generations of consumers to engage with restaurants as they prefer to.


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