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Using TikTok for pizzeria profits

By Karen Barr   

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How your business can benefit by using this engaging platform

Today TikTok fans include generation Z, millennials and gen X. Photo: tashatuvango / Adobe Stock

TikTok, the social media platform devoted exclusively to creating, sharing and watching video content, can be put to use by savvy pizzerias. 

What makes the content especially delightful to users is the way these videos are presented. Think of unfiltered content made for and by real everyday people, not just influencers and celebrities. Creating a genuine experience for the user, it emphasizes fun over perfection and attainable to all. 

TikTok’s demographics have grown beyond the platform’s early days of popularity with generation Z. Today TikTok fans include millennials and generation X. Statista recently reported a quarter of users are between 10 and 19, while 22.4 per cent are 20 to 29 years old, 21.7 per cent are ages 30-39, and 20.3 per cent are in the 40-49 age group. 

By using TikTok you can not only entertain customers but increase your sales and revenue. That may attest to the over five million small businesses that use TikTok daily to showcase their unique brand.


Online videos create offline hunger

Seeing food on TikTok makes people both curious and hungry. An August 2021 study by MGH reported that 36 per cent of TikTok users have visited or ordered food after seeing a video about a restaurant. Additionally, 65 per cent of TikTok creators who regularly make, and post content were most likely to order food they saw in TikTok restaurant videos. This illustrates how much TikTok influences offline behaviour. 

Creating successful video content

The best way to understand how to create successful video content for your pizzeria is to follow other brands. What are these businesses doing to reach audiences? Then, start showcasing your own brand and products. 

To make your videos stand out TikTok allows you to add filters, voiceovers, sound effects, background music and stickers. The goal is to make something unique while also getting your brand messaging out.

Video ideas using TikTok

Your audience is curious about your brand. Make a video about how your business started and what it has to offer. Introduce your community to your team with videos about your chef or longtime staff members. This will make customers feel like they know you and your team better.

Another fun idea is to share a recipe in the form of a short cooking class. Of course, customers will love videos featuring your food. This is especially useful if you are introducing a new type of pizza or a new dessert to your menu. 

Ads and campaigns using TikTok

All your marketing efforts can fall flat if the right customer doesn’t see your video at the right time. Enter TikTok Ad Manager. Running ads and managing paid campaigns is affordable and easy to do using this feature. Here you can create brand awareness that ultimately leads to sales. Target the audience you want to reach through Custom Audiences. Select things like demographics, interests and behaviours to streamline your advertising campaigns. 

Designing ads is the fun part. Upload videos you have already created or start filming a brand new one. TikTok gives you the tools you need to succeed. See samples of top ads, learn best practices and explore trends. There are even 100 customizable ready-to-use video templates so you don’t need to be a pro.

Drive customers straight to your website by adding your Display Name, Text, Call to Action (CTA) and URL. The website page you decide to send them to can vary from the reservations page to the takeout menu page. A tip here is to add a clickable phone icon to your website so that when customers reach these pages via cellphone, they can simply click to call. 

During COVID-19 some savvy pizzerias and Italian restaurants started selling merchandise such as olive oil and t-shirts. Use TikTok Ad Manager to bring clients to your merchandise page to buy these items too.

Be sure to set a spending budget. This can be altered or stopped easily at any time. Use your TikTok dashboard to track successful ads and campaigns through analytics and performance. Know what works and where to place your cash. 


Customers also love free stuff. Think of incorporating giveaways into your videos such as free menu items or gift certificates. Get your customers involved by creating a #hashtag.

Last year, Pizza Hut announced a contest called #ForYouPizza Challenge. The company invited people to share their favourite pizza recipes including dough, sauce and three toppings for the $10 Tastemaker pizza. The winner was featured in Pizza Hut menus nationwide and won $2,500. Other prizes included free pizzas for 20 additional participants totalling over $10,000.

Reviews work

When researching places to eat customers not only read reviews but watch reviews as well. Encourage your customers to review your food on TikTok. Positive testimonials can raise the profile of any restaurant.

Frankenson’s, a pizzeria in Las Vegas, went viral on TikTok when food reviewer Keith Lee posted a video review in early 2023. Frank Steele, who had opened the pizzeria only four months prior, was struggling to bring customers in. Lee, who has a huge eight million followers on TikTok, happened upon the pizzeria and made a video of himself eating various menu options and praising the taste. The appeal of Lee’s videos is his comedic review style.

After Lee left the restaurant, Steele didn’t give the video much thought, but two hours later his telephone was ringing off the hook. In two days, he sold more food than he had in total since he opened. In fact, the owner had to turn some of the hungry crowd away.


As TikTok continues to gain followers, opening to a new demographic and adding new features, the company is becoming one of the top social media platforms. TikTok is fun. It’s not meant to be serious, so just enjoy it. See how your business can benefit by using this engaging platform. | CP

Karen Barr writes about arts, culture and cuisine. She is a marketing professional, a graduate of George Brown College and a Red Seal pastry chef.

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