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Topper’s revamps menu system

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November 9, 2009, Collingwood, Ont. – Topper’s Pizza has completely revamped and simplified its menu system and pricing in order to make it easier for customers to place an order and quickly know what they’ll be saving should they decide to order a second pizza.

Based on preliminary results, the new system is having a significant impact on the bottom line profitability of Topper’s franchisees.

“Many consumers find the exercise of ordering pizza stressful and potentially confusing for a number of factors, ranging from deciding on what they want to order to knowing what their order will cost,” observes Topper’s president Keith Toppazzini. “Our new menu system is designed to minimize any stress or confusion associated with placing an order, contributing to a better overall experience in dealing with Toppers.”

With the new menu, in addition to having standard pricing in place, established a standard system of discounting. If the second pizza ordered is a small, there is a $3 discount off of the overall order, or $4 off a medium size pizza and $5 off of a large.


Toppazzini predicts the simplified menu system should make customers more motivated to order a second pizza, which will contribute to more orders and higher sales. He says that Topper’s is also using the new menu as an opportunity to ‘freshen up’ the overall look and feel of Topper’s brand, thanks to the installation of newly designed menu boards at store level.
Under the new system, the price of pizza is marginally higher, there has been an increased volume of sales with more consumers ordering second pizzas and overall food costs are proving to be lower. “The profit margins for the stores in our trials were averaging a two to three per cent increase in profitability – which is a fairly significant achievement for a single program,” says Toppazzini.

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