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Topper’s hopes to Captivate new franchisees


Topper's hopes to captivate new franchisees
Topper’s Pizza will roll out the FranConnect Captivate Franchise Recruitment platform for its prospective franchisees.

December 21 – In addition to enabling Topper’s to grant more franchises and reach new customers, the chain hopes the new system will enhance franchisee communications through the use of a web-based franchise management platform.

“With this system, we will be able to walk prospective franchisees through the process of learning what they need to know about becoming a Topper’s franchisee,” says Keith Toppazzini, president of Topper’s Pizza.


Topper’s plans to leverage FranConnect’s Captivate platform to increase the number of leads generated. Captivate is also designed to enable prospective franchisees to watch informative and testimonial videos on the Topper’s web site, and perform a series of tests that will guide both Topper’s and the franchisee in determining a proper fit.

“The Captivate platform from FranConnect takes prospective franchisees through the entire qualification process, from the time the initial lead is generated to executing the franchise agreement,” says Toppazzini.

Topper’s Pizza currently has 35 stores located throughout Ontario.