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Here are Canadian Pizza magazine’s top 5 reasons independent pizzerias rock!

1. They keep alive the craft of pizza making. Not everyone can make good, nay, great pizza! There is undeniable science, art and craft to the process. And although there is room for all manner of pizza, there is nothing like seeing a crust hand tossed, stretched and topped by a pro to make you hungry. Hours of training, VPN certification and perfecting that dough go into that mouthwatering pie you love to share on Instagram. Light reading

2. They provide an authentic pizza experience. Aren’t some of your best memories made in the company of friends and family discovering great food and learning its story? Light reading

3. They are dens of creativity. Every October the Canadian Pizza Show draws top pizza chefs to an exciting competition. We’ve seen squid ink black crust, fennel-injected fun, cappuccino dessert pie and 50 shades of pizza. It’s a forum for the first-class innovation that is happening in restaurants across the country. Light reading

4. They remind us, as Canadians, that different is not just OK but a wonderful thing! We are a mosaic and, arguably, have never been more proud of it. Canada is tops in tourism at the moment, and no wonder. With Vancouver vegan, Western Greek, Calgary beef, Toronto Napoletana, deep-dish, Windsor-style pan pizza, East Coast donair pizza and a deal more – we are a coast-to-coast-to-coast pizza smorg. Light reading

5. They care about their community. Everytime we turn around, pizzerias are fundraising, promoting and donating to worthy causes and just generally rallying behind their neighbours. Check out Canadian Pizza magazine’s Profiles section for a sampling of neighbourhood pizzerias with more heart than Valentine’s Day. Light reading

Share this top 5 – and add your own reasons – to remind others why it’s important to support their local pizzeria!

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