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Mississauga, Ont. – Why come out to the Canadian Pizza Show on Oct. 16? Here are 10 reasons.

10. It’s free!
The Canadian Pizza Show and competitions are open to owners and employees of Canadian foodservice operations with a focus on pizza. This day is all about pizza, all about Canada and all about you, the industry.

9. The Chef of the Year competitions are exciting to watch! You’ll see top pizza makers compete and demonstrate their techniques and creativity – all day long, centre stage. There are five exciting competitions to watch:

Seasonal Pizza Challenge (10 may compete) NEW!
Sheeter Beater Challenge (50 may compete) – Go up against a Somerset dough sheeter! NEW!
The Great Pizza Box Fold-Off (10 may compete)
Chef of the Year – Traditional Division (12 may compete) NEW!
Chef of the Year – Open Division (12 may compete)
Overall Canadian Pizza Chef of the Year (two will compete – Pizza Napoletana and Open winners)


8. It’s a great way to check out – and taste – trends in pizza. Sandwich-inspired pizza, seafood pizza, squid-ink pizza, breakfast pizza, dessert pizza, potato pizza – we’ve seen a lot of innovation over the years and we hope you’ll keep showing us more. This is your best chance to see what your industry is up to. Snoop, take pictures, ask questions, compare notes, borrow ideas. It’s all good!

7. It helps keep your pizzeria cutting-edge. See what new ingredients, prep products, equipment and services are out there to help make your life easier and your pizzeria more efficient.

6. The Annex Pizza Bookstore will have pizza books available. Come by the booth to browse and pick up The Pizza Bible, Passionate About Pizza, The Italian Baker, Profits in the Pie and more! 

5. Placing in a competition gives you bragging rights – and your pizzeria a selling point. I suspect this is a bigger motivator than many of you care to admit. I know y’all are a competitive bunch. Post your winning plaque on the wall of your pizzeria, share your story on the menu and with your local newspaper. Competing for Chef of the Year or the Seasonal Pizza Challenge will kindle interest in your regular customers and may bring in some new ones.

4. It is an excellent place to talk with suppliers. Whether you want to check in with your current supplier on what’s coming down the pipe or learn about products from a new supplier, the Canadian Pizza Show is an informal, relaxed and fun setting to see what’s new. Our exhibitors have a wealth of product knowledge they are keen to share!

3. It helps build your team. Manager, store purchaser, seasoned chef, make-line pro, front-counter customer pleaser or delivery diva – there’s a place for your entire team here. The Great Pizza Box Fold-Off is open to anyone in the store and the Junior division lets young chefs get a taste for competition. We’ve all heard millennial workers crave training and personal development. What better way to reward and inspire them to greater heights!

2. Respected industry experts Diana Cline and Jeff Dover will be there. Jeff will talk about designing your menu to make yourself more money and Diana will share tips on capturing the vegan pizza market. Diana will help host the new Seasonal Pizza Challenge. Chat with these knowledgable industry pros before and after their sessions.

1. It’s fun! You work hard all year: take a day to reflect on what you’ve achieved! As Pizza Pete says in Brian Fray’s latest cartoon, you’ll come away enthused! 

Register now at our Canadian Pizza Show website. See you there!

The Canadian Pizza Show is presented by Canadian Pizza and show sponsors Saputo Foodservice (Diamond) and Marsal Pizza Ovens (Gold) and Ardent Mills (Gold). Sponsors for the Chef of the Year competitions are Saputo Foodservice (Diamond), Moretti Forni (Gold) and Escalon Premier Brands (Gold). The Sheeter Beater Challenge is sponsored by Somerset and SP Sales (distributor).

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