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The Pizza Dude: Security in the Pizzeria

By Roberto Vergalito   

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Security in the Pizzeria

In today’s world, it’s hard to trust anybody, especially employees.

In today’s world, it’s hard to trust anybody, especially employees.

The worst thing is to get that phone call at 3 a.m. from the alarm company telling you that there is a break-in at your place of business. A few nights ago this happened to me – only the front door was left unlocked because my employee forgot to lock the door. Fortunately nothing happened, I lost some sleep, but everything was OK.

When I arrived at the pizzeria, the first thing I checked was my new surveillance cameras that I had installed. The police office said it was the best investment I had made. 


I have two cameras and they feed directly to my computer; so anytime I want I can see what’s going on. I can go back in the digital files three months or more, and I can also log on from any computer in the world and see what’s happening in my pizzeria in real-time.

The quality is outstanding and the price was very reasonable. You can zoom in or out, stop, rewind and save any particular part you want.

My employees know they are being watched, so they think twice about stealing anything.  Mistakes do not go by without being witnessed by my cameras; also disgruntled customers do not get away with pulling a fast one in my pizzeria.

Having your place of work monitored by cameras 24/7 is also a saving grace because if there is an accident in the kitchen you can see exactly what happened. Cameras don’t lie.

These cameras are a great way to protect not only you and your pizzeria but your employees as well. 

My next step is to start recording phone calls in an organized manner so there is less chance of people lying to you about their order. This will also have a multiple effect: employees will learn to speak to customers in a polite and dignified manner; and, the customer will think twice before they call you names over the phone. Such a process will also allow you to review what was said between your employee and a customer when there is a complaint and you’re not there.

Crank calls will become few and far between because you can justify your actions accordingly.

You must protect your business in any way, shape or form. From simple horseplay to major break-ins, you always have proof of what really happened. Don’t believe what you’re told, believe the tapes, it’s your only line of defence.

We work hard to build our success; this is one step towards keeping it a success. So the next time a customer calls you back screaming and yelling obscenities, tell them you’ll get back to them after you have reviewed the tapes. Then see if they change their tune. And when your employees tell you they were not horsing around, let them see themselves on tape, I guarantee they’ll smarten up.

I’m the Pizza Dude.•

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