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The Pizza Dude: Let’s Get Together

By roberto vergalito   

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Let’s Get Together – It Could Really Help

Let’s Get Together – It Could Really Help

Let’s Get Together – It Could Really Help

How often do people sit at home and ask themselves, “what are we gonna’ eat tonight?” Should we have Italian, Chinese, Greek or pizza and wings?
When people have worked all day and go home hungry, not knowing what’s for dinner can get a little frustrating. Especially looking through the phone book – no menus! What do you do?

Recently, I came across a great web site.  It’s an awesome concept in every way – for the consumer and foodservice establishments alike. You log on to the site and enter your postal code. You then have the option of choosing the types of food available to you in your area – from pizza and wings to Italian and Chinese. When you choose the type of food you’re looking for, you just click, and up comes a list of pizzerias or restaurants. Then all you do is click on the place of choice and its menu appears on your screen. How easy is that?


It’s great, ’cause you’re giving the consumer an easy choice of foods. What’s interesting is the fact that all participants belonging to the site could form a type of consortium. Such a group would enable all the restaurants and pizzerias to voice their concerns relating to the business.

Imagine every restaurant and pizzeria in your area getting involved with this concept and other cities and regions doing the same. If there were a web site in every province across Canada, all you would now have to do is amalgamate them to create a larger group. We would then have a voice to speak out on price increases, as well as on legislation, regulations or anything else that affects our businesses.

If creatively marketed, we might also get to save a lot of money on advertising and other expenses that we all share. Let’s face it – it’s getting harder and harder to make money because of rising prices, rising wages and so on. What if there were someone we could actually go to and say. “hey, what are we going to do about this or that,” and all of a sudden you have thousands of other pizzaiolos and restaurateurs behind you for support. That’s pretty strong!

Instead of worrying about how to make more money with our business we should work together to see how much money we can save our businesses and be able to pocket our just desserts. We’ve definitely worked for them.

Roberto Vergalito is “the Pizza Dude.” He owns and operates Roberto’s Pizza in St. Catharines, Ont. Comments and questions for Roberto should be sent to him c/o Canadian Pizza Magazine, 222 Argyle Avenue, Delhi, ON N4B 2Y2; Fax: 1-519-582-4040 or by e-mail to Attention: Roberto.

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