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Text company lets restaurants order customers

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November 13, 2009, U.S. – Web-based media consulting company Envala has released OSYS Chime, a new mobile marketing and customer loyalty product that allows users to "order customers on demand."

A combination of SMS texting, e-mail messaging and marketing consulting, Chime is designed for restaurants and other places needing onsite customers.
According to Dan Stewart, Envala's president and CEO, experts report that 94 per cent of all texts are read within minutes of sending, and text marketing response rates can fluctuate from 10.5 per cent to as high as 60 per cent. Compared to a direct mail response rate of around 2 per cent, Chime is an affordable direct marketing tool to target customers by location as well as time.
"Even at its lowest response rates, Chime blows direct mail out of the water," Stewart said.
When a Chime user enrolls, Envala prepares an e-mail and text marketing campaign and posts strategic messages in a Chime account online. Then, when a Chime business wants to target a group of opted-in customers, they simply point and click, and customers can react instantly to the customized message.
"If business is slow, send one of our tailored text messages – like '20 per cent off all lunches today' – to your customers with just a few clicks," Stewart said.
In conjunction with the Chime release, Envala is offering an extensive text-only version of Chime, "chime for the holidays," which includes 5,000 text messages to opted-in customers.

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