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Summit Blender from Hamilton Beach Commercial

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march16hamiltonbeachsummitblenderMarch 16, 2011, Richmond, VA – The new Hamilton Beach Commercial Summit
Blender, featuring one-touch auto-blend technology that senses when the
perfect drink profile has been reached and shuts off automatically, is
now available.

The blender features a powerful three horsepower motor with an all-metal
coupling and a jar pad sensor that shuts the motor down when the
container is not in place, reducing potential wear and tear on the
machine. Dual fans keep the motor cool during heavy use and a unique
airflow baffle lets cool air in while helping to keep liquids out.

The blender is also equipped with a Wave-Action system, which produces a
uniform mix from top to bottom by continuously pulling the contents
down into the blades.

With hundreds of pre-programmed cycles, an entire menu can be stored on
each blender and accessed in seconds. When a menu changes, new programs
can be uploaded by connecting the blender’s USB port with any USB jump


The Summit blender can also track drink totals, providing data that can be displayed by day, week or month.

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