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Success is Based on Honesty and Respect

By Roberto Vergalito   

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Success is Based on Honesty and Respect

When you’re running a business, it’s a good idea every now and then to sit back and reflect on the basics.

When you’re running a business, it’s a good idea every now and then to sit back and reflect on the basics. I mean the real basics – the values that make you who you are and make your business a source of pride. Sometimes you see things happening around you that really make you wonder.

I remember a time when people were honest with each other and a deal made by a handshake was enough. People kept their word and didn’t have to resort to stabbing people in the back for their own personal or financial gain. I guess in this society times have changed when honest, hard-working business people have to be careful what they say to others and hide their personal assets under lock and key.

Growing up, all I ever wanted was to be successful, liked and respected by others as a man, and not just any man but an honest one. I’ve worked so hard just like all of you. Worked to put food on the table and to enjoy the fruits of my labour. My father taught me that to succeed in business there are no short cuts – you have to work hard, put in your time and be honest not only to your customers but also to yourself. Since the first day I walked into my pizzeria, I have never once cheated a customer, lied to them or stole from them. That would be disgraceful. I’m not a preacher nor am I a saint, but I don’t have to resort to dirty games played by some people who think they have to cheat, lie or steal to gain success or financial windfalls at the expense of hard-working individuals such as ourselves.


I don’t think I would have any respect from my colleagues or my readers if I went behind their backs for an article that belongs to someone else, nor would I steal an idea from a fellow pizzaiolo to increase my revenues and hinder their business. It’s just not right.
Be careful, my friends. People you meet should earn your trust just as you must earn theirs. Be careful what you say to them and take my advice: if you have an idea, or whatever it might be that you think will be the next big thing, protect it! It’s something that belongs to you and should not be taken from you by some common criminal who thinks he’s a little smarter than you. Such people are nothing but scum. If someone decides to open a pizzeria across the street from me, that’s fine – it’s just business. Healthy competition is good for business. It separates the fly-by-night wannabe pizza makers from us true pizzaiolos.

In order to succeed in business, you must first build a strong base, and when it is a solid base, whatever you build will be there for life. If you have to resort to cheating, lying and stealing, that base will be feeble and weak and whatever you build on it will come crumbling down before you. That is when you will have to pay the consequences of your actions, and no one else will be responsible but you.

Keep your head up high, do your job the way you see fit and go forth with your own goal and ambitions. Learn from those who have been successful on their honest and hard work and leave the others to their own demise. Remember that what goes around comes around – I firmly believe this. Some of you might disagree with me, but I’m just being honest and no one can say I’m not. I am the Pizza Dude and that’s that. To all my Canadian Pizzaiolos I say to you: Work and live honestly and be prosperous. I wish you all well.

The Pizza Dude. Roberto Vergalito is “the Pizza Dude.” He owns and operates Roberto’s Pizza in St. Catharines, Ont. Comments and questions for Roberto should be sent to him c/o Canadian Pizza Magazine, 222 Argyle Avenue, Delhi, ON N4B 2Y2; Fax: 1-519-582-4040 or by  e-mail to Attention: Roberto.

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