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Study sizes up pizza’s allure

By Canadian Pizza   


April 15, 2010, U.S. – A new Technomic study says that consumers choose pizza over other meal options due to taste, ease and value, while healthier pizza offerings are also important.

The findings are part of Technomic’s Pizza Consumer Trend Report, designed to help operators and manufacturers better understand the changing pizza landscape and capitalize on opportunities for growth.

The survey found that the vast majority of consumers (93 per cent) eat pizza at least once a month, and the average consumer eats pizza nearly three times per month. However, consumers indicate they have been trading down when it comes to pizza by cutting back on restaurant purchases.

More consumers today are buying frozen pizza than were buying it in 2008 (81 per cent compared to 74 per cent), while the quality perception of frozen pizza has improved. Today, 30 per cent of consumers think that frozen pizza is of equal or better quality than restaurant pizza, as compared to 15 per cent two years ago.


Other notable findings include:

•    17 per cent say that new items influence where they buy pizza
•    41 per cent say they would like pizza places to offer healthier ingredients (for example whole wheat crusts and organic toppings)

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