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Study advises replacing carbs with plant-based proteins and fats, rather than meats

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Boston, MA – People on low-carb diets should replace carbs with plant-based proteins and fats, rather than meats, a U.S. study suggests.

Both high and low percentages of carbohydrate diets were associated with increased mortality, with minimal risk observed at 50–55 per cent carbohydrate intake, the study’s authors found.

Low-carbohydrate dietary patterns favouring animal-derived protein and fat sources, from sources such as lamb, beef, pork, and chicken, were associated with higher risk of premature death.

Those that favoured plant-derived protein and fat intake, from sources such as vegetables, nuts, peanut butter, and whole-grain breads, were associated with lower risk of premature death.


This suggests the source of food may significantly modify the association between carbohydrate intake and mortality.

Read a summary of the study, Dietary carbohydrate intake and mortality: a prospective cohort study and meta-analysis.

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