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Laura Aiken   

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Some friends and I have a favourite place to frequent on Sunday afternoons for sports and darts. They run a great promotion with local beer or wine for $5 and double Caesar’s for $6 with TVs dangling in every direction. Have I ever noticed a difference between pre and post football season traffic. Between football and hockey, t’is the time for sports and specials, but let’s not forget some of the other major sports players with captive pizza-eating audiences.

While football and hockey are the biggies that come to mind, UFC has been steadily growing its own fan following for a while. The Wall Street Journal reported in August that while Philadelphia, PA, is a boxing town, the city’s first UFC event is expected to have a higher box office than any boxing match in Pennsylvania history.  

Last time I went into a pub with televisions that was broadcasting UFC on a Saturday night I had to haggle for a seat and share a table with strangers. The place was packed. Some of my friends get together for UFC home parties and pizza to go along with it. Key boxing fights have the same effect.

Are you doing everything you can to connect your pizza to your sports fans? Paying attention to upcoming sporting events of all types, from The Masters to Wimbledon, as well as the key nights for popular sports during their regular seasons, may churn up a new sports special or two and a nice boost for your bottom line.


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