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Smartcool launches ECO(3) to help small businesses reduce energy use

Laura Aiken   


4, 2009, Vancouver – Smartcool Systems Inc.  announced the global release of their ECO(3), reporting
that it’s an easily installed controller that provides a fast return on
investment for businesses and homeowners seeking energy efficiency and cost
savings from their air conditioning and refrigeration system.

ECO(3)was specifically developed as a state of the art,
secondary controller for air conditioning and refrigeration systems. It
provides extensive cost savings and environmental benefits by optimizing the
energy efficiency of air conditioning and refrigeration systems with one or two
compressors. These cooling units are found in millions of buildings worldwide.

"The ECO(3) has been developed using Smartcool's team
of knowledgeable professionals who have years of extensive experience in the energy
conservation field," said George Burnes, president and CEO, Smartcool Systems

The ECO(3) addresses an enormous global market that includes
telecom providers, retailers, restaurants, grocery and convenience stores,
hotels, branch offices and other small commercial spaces, and residences.


"The market opportunities for the ECO(3) are large and
compelling," added Burnes. "Air conditioning and refrigeration
expenses are significant costs of doing business, especially in warmer climates
with expensive energy and electricity. By saving energy and money with the
ECO(3), businesses can reinvest in areas that generate revenue and provide
competitive advantage."

The key features as described by Smartcool are:

 –   significant reductions in compressor run
time, which reduces power usage in air conditioning and refrigeration systems
–   compelling price point
–   compatibility with existing equipment
and controls
proven technology that reduces energy consumption by 15% with no affect
on room temperature, humidity or comfort
–   reduced carbon and environmental footprint
–   optimizes the cooling and heating
cycles of compressor-driven heat pumps
–   an IP64 rating allows for outdoor
installation without additional protection

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