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Self-pay app aims to speed up restaurant transactions

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Restaurant technology company Ready has a new self-pay payment app that lets customers view their restaurant bill on their mobile device and pay in seconds.

The software-as-a-service system helps solve a pain point for restaurant guests who are waiting to pay for their meal and helps staff turn tables over more quickly and earn more tips, the company said in a press release. This increases efficiencies for management at a time when wage and labour shortage pressures are high.

“The current restaurant payment system is broken – it is slow and labour intensive,” said Zoran Kovacevic, chief executive officer. “With our game-changing self-pay solution that requires no app download, it will be hard to justify paying staff to take payments when they can be delighting guests in other ways.”

With Ready, guests pay on their own, which means, potentially, restaurateurs save on labour cost, guests save time, and the staff gain greater job satisfaction and more tip income. Restaurants can provide a better experience for guests with less need to hire staff for busy peaks.



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