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Safer self-cooking

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July 15, 2010, Mississauga, Ont. – RATIONAL SelfCooking
Center promises plenty of safety features in its space friendly cooking units.

The SelfCooking Center has a 28 per cent smaller footprint
than conventional cooking equipment and a maximum rack height of five feet three
inches for ease of use and safer operation so that workers are not reaching or
overextending to uncomfortable heights that could result in burns from the
equipment or spilled product, reports a company news release. Additionally,
every SelfCooking Center unit has a double pane of glass on the door, which
reduces the heat that can escape to the outside of the unit, lessening the
likelihood of burns. The unit is only active when it is cooking food, which can
reduce the risk of burns, save on energy and reduce the heat in the kitchen. In
addition, the unit pauses when the door is opened allowing the operator to
avoid the hazards of steam and smoke such as burns and reduced visibility.

“With so many potential hazards in the typical foodservice
kitchen, operators and their staff are constantly at risk for injury, however
at RATIONAL we strive not only to manufacture effective and efficient
equipment, but also equipment that contributes to the overall safety of the
foodservice environment,” said Steve Snitkin, RATIONAL corporate executive chef,
in a news release. 

The cleaning features of the SelfCooking Center give it an
edge in food safety, as well. Built-in logging and reporting features make it
safer for both employees and customers by ensuring that the equipment is
operated according to HACCP guidelines. Additionally, because the CleanJet
self-cleaning feature uses tablets instead of liquid chemicals, the cleaning
process is easier and safer to manage, eliminating the risk of spilling


The SelfCooking Center is even safer for customers’ health.
The unit can fry foods without additional artery-clogging oil. The CombiFry
accessory and the combination of steam, heat and air used to prepare the food
provides the taste of fried foods without the oily residue. No oil, also means
no risk of burns from oil splatters, spills, or deep fryer cleaning.

Foodservice operators can test the safety features of the
SelfCooking Center at a free TeamCooking Live event. To register, visit RATIONAL’s website.

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