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Laura Aiken   

Features Business and Operations Marketing

January 11, 2011 – If you want to spend some time in serious reflection about
the industrial food process, I highly recommend reading Omnivore’s Dilemma by
Michael Pollan. The non-fiction account follows Pollan from corn fields to slaughterhouses
and hunting wild boar as he traces the history of four different meals by starting at their
initial sources.  

While the book is focused on the U.S. food supply, it
provides some startling insights into food processing and meat in particular.
It’s a thought provoking read and far from the only bestseller on the shelves
devoted to the philosophy of what we eat in recent years. The book does a nice
job of making a case for why the public has so much anxiety these days over
what they’re eating and the conflicting desires for transparency and wanting to
look away when it comes to how our food gets from farm to plate. Pollan ponders
a lot in the book, which makes it read more balanced than dogma although he is
making a case with his words. It’s worth a read, even if only to see what
information you’re foodie customers may be pursuing.


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